New milestone!MCBS Automated Track Vehicle System enters the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.
Date: 2020-03-16    Admin: admin

After many inspections and selections, MCBS finally stood out from many competing brands with our leading technology research & development strength, excellent product quality, and good reputation in the industry. MCBS intelligent track vehicle system will soon enter the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to undertake the important task of automatic delivery of files and documents. This is a milestone for the domestic intelligent logistics brand !



As the most competitive provider of internal intelligent logistics transportation solutions in China, MCBS has always adhered to the path of independent innovation with a long history of accumulation. In the words of CEO Zhu Junke, we prefer to go slower and more stable in order to go further, our strategic goal is to build MCBS into the "Manchester United Football Club" in the field of internal intelligent logistics transportation, and at the same time actively contribute to the "Wisdom in China" and "Created in China" manufacturing in China.


At present, MCBS logistics transportation system has been widely used in medical, library, manufacturing industries and so on. Among them, in the medical field, it has become the first Chinese brand to realize the overseas installation and deployment of medical track vehicle system.


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