Manchebisi promote activity of“Close to Exemplars,Learn with Actions”——Walk to GAC TOYOTA
Date: 2019-09-17    Admin: admin

On September 10th, Manchebisi marketing department organized more than 10 people from the production department and R&D department to visit the Guangzhou-Nansha factory in Guangzhou,  officially starts the MCBS Extension activity of“Close to Exemplars,Learn with Actions”.


Under the guidance of GAC TOYOTA staff, We were gave a preliminary understanding of GAC TOYOTA's factory overview and production process through video and explanation.

Then, we visited the GAC Toyota assembly shop along the dedicated visit channel to observe lean production on the application of the production line, although the tour is not long, it really makes everyone feel the strength of the world-class factory.



Alex Hu, head of the Manchebisi brand, explained the original intention of this event and hoped that through a series of activities Close to Exemplars,Learn with Actions” , we can learn from the exemplar and continue to improve and build a lean enterprise culture with MCBS characteristics,and further enhance the comprehensive competition of the company. Seize the marketing opportunity that medical intelligent logistics transportation system accelerate domestic substitution.

Alex further went on to analyze that the domestic medical logistics transportation system has been able to fully lead the similar products of foreign brands in terms of load capacity, technical performance and product applicability after years of technological precipitation and innovation; in the face of current Sino-US trade friction, The complicated international situation, such as the twists and turns of Sino-German relations, for the basic security system of the logistics  transportation system, which has a long life cycle that greatly affects the medical service order, the stable long-term after-sales service is increasingly valued by the hospital, so localization substitution is an inevitable trend.

As a product-oriented & technology-driven enterprise, Manchebisi is the only manufacturer who provides smart hospital tridimensional logistics transportation solution in the medical industry with pneumatic tube system, track vehicle system, vertical conveyor transport system, waste collect system and AGV. Products have been widely used in many large hospitals at home and abroad, excellent product quality is highly recognized.

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