The intelligent logistics transport system project of Zhaodong First Hospital Medical Complex Building is going to enter the installation stage
Date: 2022-06-09    Admin: admin

Recently, the engineering department of MCBS arrived at the Zhaodong First Hospital , carried out on-site investigation of the medical complex building.We conducted in-depth communication with the design department and the construction department based on the site situation, which means project has entered the installation phase.


Zhaodong First Hospital is the only 3A hospital in Zhaodong City. It has a history of 62 years since its establishment. In recent years, as the local people have higher requirements for medical services, in order to alleviate the shortage of hospital medical resources, this new medical complex building will be built in the hospital area. The project covers an area of 3041 square meters and the total construction area is about 19234 square meters.

At present, the main body of the building has been topped off, and it is expected to be opened in October this year. After the building is opened, it will further enhance the medical emergency response capability of Zhaodong area and better help the local people.

With the top of the building, the installation and construction of various professional supporting systems and interior decoration projects will also be carried out in full swing, including the intelligent logistics transmission system


The new medical complex building of Zhaodong First Hospital will deploy a set of 30kg track vehicle system with 17 stations, covering inpatient pharmacy, static distribution center, supply center, operating room, pathology department, blood bank and other departments.Completely replacing labor + elevator + trolley(old model) ,which is conducive to improving the level of the healthcare.


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