MCBS passed 5-star After-sales service certification
Date: 2022-06-16    Admin: admin

Recently, after a strict review by the expert group, MCBS successfully passed the GB/T 27922-2011 certification evaluation of the "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System", and its service ability reached the highest five-star standard, MCBS won the "five-star" after-sales service certification.


The after-sales service certification is certified by a neutral and authoritative third-party organization. According to the national standard "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System", and according to the internal conditions of the enterprise, service execution, customer follow-up and service improvement and other indicators, MCBS will be systematically evaluated.


Thank-you letter & Service evaluation certificate

The "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" is a national and industry-wide authoritative certification approved by the state, and it is also a standard for measuring the level of enterprise service. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on medical intelligent transportation, MCBS has been constantly improving the after-sales service system, and has cultivated an after-sales team with engineers as the core to ensure the stable operation of the logistics transport system in the hospital.


      In the future, MCBS will continue to adhere to the user-centered, "five-star" service standard, Making sure that users can feel the quality

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