Manchebisi undertake the smart logistics system construction of the relocation project of the Beihai Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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About hospital

Beihai Maternal and Child Health Hospital was founded in 1953. After 69 years of development, it has formed a hospital with an obstetrics, pediatrics, and multi -disciplinary coexistence.




Standard view


In January 2022, the Beihai Maternal and Child Health Hospital passed the review of the 3A hospital, and the relocation project was gradually put into use in April this year. The new hospital is located at the junction of the Southwest Avenue and Shanghai Road of Beihai City. It is constructed according to the standards of the 3A hospital, and about 500 beds are planned.

About logistics system

In this project, MCBS provides Track Vehicle System for Beihai Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The entire system has total 21 stations, covering emergency, pharmacies, inspection departments, central supply, operating rooms, and obstetrics.




In the design , there are 5 logistics shafts and a horizontal line connect the outpatient building,Medical technology buildings and hospitalization buildings .Which have ensured the scientific layout of the original department and the ward. At the same time, the design of 2 main garages, 2 sub -garages, and multiple peak-time garages also ensure that the convenience.

Beihai Maternal and Child Health Hospital is currently under installation and construction, which is expected to be put into use by the end of this year.


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