MCBS cooperates with Botkin Hospital, Smart logistics exported to Russia again.
Date: 2022-09-09    Admin: admin

Botkin Hospital is the largest general hospital in Moscow, with 48 buildings and a total area of about 200,000 square meters. The hospital has 1,800 beds, more than 90 departments, and an annual operation volume of about 70,000. Not only the largest multidisciplinary hospital in Moscow, but also a leading research and clinical center in Russia.





In the context of the global epidemic, the demand for unmanned intelligent logistics in hospital scenarios has skyrocketed. Compared with manual transportation or traditional industrial transportation, pneumatic tube system has obvious advantages: fast speed, digital traceability process, and prevention of cross-infection in the hospital.

A total of 14 stations are set up, which is consisted of a fan system and adopts PVC pipes with a 160mm diameter. Covering the operating room, emergency department, laboratory department, angiography and other departments, the longest distance can transfer the materials to the destination station within 2 minutes, which greatly saves the transportation time.



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