MCBS was established in 2013,is a national high-tech enterprises as intelligent logistics transportation technology . Has won the "Small and medium -sized high-tech company and "Gazelle Enterprise" the title. As a pioneer in the field of internal logistics in China and the logistics engineering research center at the provincial level. MCBS has complete medcial logistics system production lines .Specializing in R & D ,designing ,manufacturing and supplying Pneumatic Tube System ,Automated Track Vehicle System , Vertical Conveyor Transport System ,AGV and Automated Waste Transport System. All products are escorted by independent core technology,which fully embodies the innovative manufacturing capability of "Chinese wisdom " and "Chinese creation ".

With strong R& D innovation capability , MCBS has made cooperation with the multiple heavyweight users ,such as West China Hospital ,Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Meituan , Yihai Kerry . This also highlights our core tgechnical advantage and implementation project ability in the field of Internal logistic .


In the process of reforming health care ,we will keep growing the hospital intelligence of building with the application of advanced technology ,such as characterized by artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things . We adhere to the own creativity as the core technology focus on hospital logistics intelligent reform ,improve the hospital 's material flow and management level , to build an new Ecology of smart hospital.



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Manufacturing base : Manchebisi High Tech Co.,Ltd.

No.15,China-ASEAN Advance Business Park (Phase II) ,No.3 Zongbu Rd., Gaoxin xi District ,Nanning city ,Guangxi ,China 



 Manufacturing base:  No.15, China-ASEAN Advance Business Park (Phase II), No. 3 Zongbu Rd., Gaoxin District ,Nanning ,China.

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Address: Manufacturing base: No.15, China-ASEAN Advance Business Park (Phase II), No. 3 Zongbu Rd., Gaoxin District, Nanning, China.    
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