MCBS undertakes the construction of the hospital logistics transportation system project in Huacheng New District, Panzhihua City
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In March 2022, the Panzhihua Government issued the "Panzhihua City's 14th Five-Year Plan for Health Development", which clarified the overall requirements, main goals, key tasks and important measures for health development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. In 2025, a regional medical and health center will be built to continuously meet the growing health needs of the people.


Project Overview

As an important part of the construction of the regional medical and health center, the Panzhihua Huacheng New District Hospital was constructed by China First Metallurgical Company. The total investment of the project is 740 million yuan. The building content includes outpatient department, emergency department, medical technology department, inpatient department, underground parking lot and outdoor pipe network. It is planned to have about 1,200 beds.

At present, the main structure of the project has been completed, and it has entered the special project construction stage. After the Huacheng New District Hospital is completed and put into operation, it will further improve the construction of Panzhihua's public medical system, which has great significance to improving the core competitiveness of medical and health care.


Logistics Solutions

The Huacheng New District Hospital will deploy a Track Vehicle System with 39 stations. The whole scheme uses three logistics shafts and horizontal tracks to connect the outpatient, medical technology and inpatient buildings and other departments with the wards. Double-track stations have been set up in the static distribution center, laboratory department, inpatient pharmacy and other departments for a large amount requirement of sending and receiving, and a 30KG load-capacity car is used to transport materials. Even from the farthest station——warehouse to the nurse station on the 13th floor of the north inpatient building, the one-way transportation time can deliver the materials within 8 minutes, which greatly saves the transportation time.



In the future, with the deepening of the construction of smart hospitals, MCBS will continue to explore and innovate to help upgrade the intelligent logistics of hospitals and provide customers with a better experience.


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